Garage Doors & Garage Door Openers are typically the largest motorised moving instrument in one’s home. Garage door safety, quality, and reliability are always key for peak performance and protecting your family. As a courtesy to customers, Atlantic Overhead Door & Dock Inc., a garage door & loading dock sales, service, and installation company based out of Paradise, Newfoundland & Labrador provides a 30-Point Safety Check included at no cost to customers with any scheduled service. If any of the items in the 30-Point Safety Check List fail, then the expert technician may recommend service to get additional garage door maintenance and/or repairs. 

Garage doors & garage door operators have many moving parts, each one can fail if not properly maintained. We have identified 30 separate elements that are important to inspect for optimal garage door service. We encourage customers to ask any questions that they may have in conjunction with the garage door inspection.

The 30 point inspection of the garage door and garage door opener include the following:

Door(s) Inspection Includes:

Door Balance
Check Springs
Center Bearing
End Bearing Plates
Center Hinges
Roller Hinges
Bottom Brackets
Top Brackets
Spring Anchor(s)
Bottom Weather Seal
Outside Weatherstripping
Garage Door Windows (If Applicable)
Decorative Hardware (If Applicable)
Door Panel(s) Condition

Operator(s) Inspection Includes:

Control Panel
Belt/Chain Trolley
Safety Eyes
Motor / Gears
Operator Wire
Safety Reverse / Limit Switches
Force Setting
Remotes/Keyless Entry
Manual Release & Any Other Safety Features
Operator Bracket (If Applicable)

Below are descriptions of a few of the main points examined in the 30 point safety check.

Door Balance – We check that the balance of the door is not tilted toward one direction or the other. This can impair the door’s functionality. We will also ensure the door is properly balanced and not to heavy to potentially damage your electric operator, or you!

Springs – We look at the spring to see how well it is working. Depending on the makeup of the garage door, springs are generally located in the middle of the lifting function of the door.

Cables – We will inspect cables to determine whether they are working properly, or need replacing.

Rollers – We will examine these to see if they need to be adjusted or replaced.

Sensor Eyes – We will test the sensor eyes. As a safety precaution, the sensor eyes identify whether an object or person is located below the garage door. If something is below the door, it will not permit the door to close.

Belt / Chain Tension – We look at whether the belt or chain tension is working correctly.